The medical advantage plans differ from state to state. Below is a list of the available medical advantage plans in Michigan. Medicare advantage plans are an alternative to your original medicare and provide some extra benefits. However, you do need to have a medicare part A and part B, to apply for medicare advantage plans. Mostly all medicare advantage plans cover the part D of the medicare as well. Make sure you clarify with your provider before making a decision as to which plan suits the best to you.


  1. Humana Honor (PPO)

The plan has an overall rating of 4. The planned network consists of an out of a pocket maximum of $5500 from services that are received by providers available in the network. You do have to pay for a primary doctor or a specialist doctor visit. It provides all of the services including dental, vision, or hearing problems. However, the transportation cost is not covered.


  1. Medicare Plus Blue

The plan has an overall rating of 4.3 which is considered to be good when it comes to advantage plans. They provide a full package and cover almost all of your costs. Along with the extra dental, vision, and hearing coverage, they also cover all of your transportation costs. They have fitness centres available at more 15,000 locations making the plan really accessible


  1. Aetna Medicare Value (PPO)

This plan has an overall rating of 4.5. It provides its customers with all the benefits of hearing, psychiatric treatment, vision, or any of the dental services. It provides an out of a pocket maximum of $4800 for the services received inside the network. You do not have to pay for an office visit to your primary doctor. However, you do have to pay for a visit to a specialist. They do cover most of your prescription drugs. They also cover most of the radiology and X-ray lab expenses.


  1. Medicare Plus Blue (Balanced)

Such a plan is beneficial for you if you have to visit a doctor every month and want to pay less for all the prescription and the doctor visits. Although costly than the basic plan it still saves you a lot of money when compared to the Original Medicare plans.


  1. Priority Medicare key

Leading with a 4.7-star rating it is a plan suitable for all your needs. You do not have to pay for your primary doctor and a coinsurance method is available for the in-network specialist doctors. Along with covering all of the basic advantages they also cover the part D of your medicare. It is one of the most popular plans adopted in Michigan.

 If you are looking for a suitable medicare advantage plan in Michigan, it would be helpful if you first make a list of all of your medical needs. The medical needs should include the drug need and visits to the doctor. The above-mentioned plans are the most popular ones and are available at various locations in Michigan. Different plans provide different premium coverages and these plans change from county to county. Just make sure you know your needs before you research.