The Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light

Mystical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light

For those looking for the ultimate psychedelic experience, the new Shogun Kunitoki album Vinonaamakasio is available as a picture vinyl LP (FR-62LP) featuring two animation loops that can be viewed using the magical Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light (FR-62SL). This way the listeners can enjoy the animation loops familiar from Shogun Kunitoki shows also in their homes in purely analog way as they are supposed to be viewed. The Strobe Light is a unique Shogun Kunitoki design. Below you can see a video demonstrating the use of the lamp (Note that the effect is impossible to capture on video and can be thoroughly enjoyed only in real life). Please note that in addition to the kit you will need a 9V battery which is not included in the package. You may purchace The Strobe Light at Tasankokaiku shop.

This lamp can also be used with any 16 frame animation record (for example Red Raven animated records) when rotated at 33 1/3 rpm. It is also fairly simple to modify the lamp to support some other rotating speed or frame rate by replacing one resistor with another one (more detailed instructions will be released soon).

Operating Instructions

To operate the lamp attach 9V battery and switch it on. Aim light on the surface of the LP rotating 33 1/3 rpm. Note that the space you are in should be completely dark. Please note that using the owl lamp can be dangerous for persons with epilepsy or tendency to it.

Soldering Instructions

The Strobe light is available as a ready made just switch it on -version (FR-62SL), but a true fan will buy the Shogun Kunitoki Strobe Light Kit (FR-62SLK) and build it him/herself. Below you will find step by step instructions on how to solder the kit together. If you are new to electronics projects you might prefer to have a look at the soldering guide video.

Package contents and tools

The kit contains a circuit board, a 9V battery clip, a blue resistor, a brown resistor, a capacitor, a 555 timer IC, a super bright LED and a switch.

To put the kit together you will need a soldering iron, solder and cutters.

Step 1: 555 timer

555 timer insertion

Insert the 555 timer IC in the holes on the tummy of the owl on the side that has white print on it. Make sure that the tiny dot on the back of the IC is pointing towards the head of the owl. Solder the pins on the other side. Try to be quick when soldering, as too much heat may damage the IC.

Step 2: Switch

Switch insertion

Insert the power switch in the holes on the left wing of the owl and solder it. Try to use as little solder as possible. Too much solder won't help here.

Step 3: Resistors

Insertion of the resistors

Insert the resistors in the holes on the right wing of the owl as shown in the picture above. The brown one goes in the outer holes and blue one in the inner holes. With the resistors you don't need to worry about which end is pointing up or down. Solder the resistors and use the cutters to cut off the extra length from the pins.

Cutting the legs of the resistor

Step 4: Capacitor

Inserting capacitor

Insert the capacitor in the holes on the left leg of the owl. Note that the capacitor has a negative pin and a positive pin. The negative pin, which is shorter and indicated by a minus sign, goes in the leftmost hole. The orientation of the capacitor is extremely important. Solder the capacitor and cut off the extra length from the pins on the other side of the board just as you did with the resistors.

Step 5: LED

Inserting LED

Insert the LED in the holes on the right leg of the owl. Note that also the LED needs to be oriented correctly. It has a long pin and a short pin. The long pin goes in the rightmost hole. Solder the LED and cut off the extra length from the pins on the other side.

Step 6: Battery clip

Battery clip orientation

Insert the battery clip in the holes in the eyes of the owl. The larger connector goes in the hole on the left.

Battery clip soldering

Before soldering you need to shorten the pins of the battery clip. Leave about 2mm of each pin sticking out the other side. Solder. Hurrah! You're done!

Technical details

Those of you who are actually interested of how the circuit works, it is basically a simplest 555 timer circuit you can think of (the schematic will be added soon). Meaning - yes you can build it from scratch by yourself! There are also countless other methods of building a strobo flashing at ~10Hz.

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