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13 Jun 2015 - Psykjunta, Blädinge
29 May 2015 - Telakka, Tampere /w Seremonia, Mansion
27 Mar 2015 - Telmu 4V, Klubi, Turku /w Huoratron, Lapko
10 Dec 2014 - Fylkingen, Stockholm
29 Nov 2014 - Festival del Bosque Germinal, Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City
18 Jul 2014 - H2Ö, Ruissalon vanha telakka-alue /w
28 Mar 2014 - Himera II, Kutomo, Turku
05 Apr 2013 - Counterflows, Mono, Glasgow
21 Dec 2012 - Maailmanlopun Disko, Vastavirta, Tampere
03 Nov 2012 - Villa Lande, Kemiönsaari
06 Oct 2012 - Höstfest, Ilokivi, Jyväskylä
08 Sep 2012 - KLaNGundKRaCH / A2+, Final Club, Prague
07 Sep 2012 - Klangfestival, Gallneukirchen
05 Sep 2012 - House of Art, České Budějovice
01 Sep 2012 - Pavlova klub, Kutomo, Turku
12 Aug 2012 - Flow Festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki
21 Jul 2012 - Ilmiö, Uittamo, Turku /w Islaja, Lau Nau, Tomutonttu
25 May 2012 - Reykjavik Music Mess #2, Faktory Bar, Reykjavik
22 Apr 2012 - mo.ë, Vienna /w Islaja
17 Apr 2012 - Letmo & KLaNGundKRaCH, Final Klub, Prague
18 Feb 2012 - By:larm, Revolver, Oslo /w ,
22 Dec 2011 - Landet, Stockholm
21 Dec 2011 - Dansbyrån, Gothenburg /w Dorkbot, Henrik Möller, Dj Bongo Man
20 Dec 2011 - Singsang-studion, Norbergsgatan 24
19 Nov 2011 - Musik Mosaik Fonal Fest, Telakka, Elokuvateatteri Niagara & 931, Tampere /w , , , , , , CONGO LOVE screening, Strobe Animation workshop, Mother DJ, DJ Bongo Man, Fonal DJ's and artwork by Peter Larsson and Jan Anderzén
28 Oct 2011 - Bar Kuka, Turku
18 Jun 2011 - Fonal Records Nordic Tour, Göteborg /w Es, Tomutonttu
31 May 2011 - Phantom Limbo, Darmstadt /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
30 May 2011 - TBA, Düsseldorf /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
29 May 2011 - TBA, Den Haag /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
28 May 2011 - Gunther, Antwerpen /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
27 May 2011 - Café The Student, Brussels /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
26 May 2011 - OCCII, Amsterdam /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
25 May 2011 - Les Instants Chavires, Paris /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
23 May 2011 - Ground Zero, Lyon /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
22 May 2011 - Le Kab / Sixto, Geneve /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
21 May 2011 - Platfon, Basel /w Avarus, Mik quantius
20 May 2011 - tba, Vienna /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
19 May 2011 - KLaNGundKRaCH, Klub Final, Prague /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
17 May 2011 - Madama Claude, Berlin /w Avarus, Mik Quantius
05 Dec 2004 - 




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Det går runt igen is first full length release by Jarse, available on CD, colored 12" vinyl and download.

The cover art is a tiny installation, to be completed by piercing the covers with a set of pins (use your own or by official Jarse pins). After piercing has finished placed store the installation how you wish. Further covers include stereoscopic 3D graphics that can be viewed with a crosseye technique. All the graphics that seem to appear on the covers twice are in fact pictures meant for different eyes and when viewed correctly, will reveal their 3D nature.

How to setup cover installation:

1. Remove the record from the covers

2. For CD, open the gatefold completely

3. Pick up a set of colored end pins

4. Search closely for the crosses on the cover. Each cross is marked with a number. Search for a cross with same number on both images and insert the pin with the same color to both crosses.

5. 3D effect also works with needles in place which seem to be floating in space.

Det går runt igen crosseye clip.

Det går runt igen (live).


Formed in the early days of the current decade, Jarse are a power duo from Turku who swear by the name of psychedelic minimalism. Det går runt igen is the band's meticulously honed debut album – one that has been nearly finished for years but, owing to a number of unlucky coincidences, hasn't seen the light of day until now. Among the stand-out moments on the album are a five-minute guitar solo, the longest yet on a Fonal release, as well as the title track, which redefines the Swedish-language psychedelia in Finland. These are the tools with which Jarse blaze the trail for the psychedelic revolution. The album also features Pekko and Ville from related outfits Kiila and Shogun Kunitoki, and it was mastered by Risto Ylihärsilä of label mates Risto.

As a band, Jarse didn’t materialise out of thin air: the members have served time in other bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, Dimi's Re-connected (who operate Erkki Kurenniemi's erstwhile instruments) and Pöllöt. During their short existence, Jarse have toured extensively beyond the band's native borders, enrapturing audiences in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well in as all the Nordic countries, Iceland included. The band have visited most of these countries more than once. Jarse shows feature a self-built lighting system synchronised with sound and other measurable vibrations.

The stereoscopic cover art was made using the cross-eye technique. For practical reasons, the artwork has been left for the end user to finish. To achieve the intended effect, remove the record itself and place the empty cover on something soft. If you bought a CD, open the cover. When you observe the cover, you'll see several numbered crosses. Stick a pin into each cross, using a different colour for each number. Don't push the pins all the way down; the appropriate depth is up to each album buyer's personal preference. As a result, you’ll have created a stereoscopic installation.


Psykjunta! © Veera Knuuti 2015

Up up up above © Timo Marila 2014

Down down and further down down down © Manhandled man of the hand 2012

Lakeside © To hand or not to hand 2012

One mistakes © Timo Marila 2014

a Bliss © Timo Marila 2014

Kiss of a rode © Timo Marila 2014


Jarse performing Det GÃ¥r Runt Igen live in Landet, Stockholm on 22nd December 2011. A Mother event.

Some footage from H2Ö-Festival in Turku at 18. July 2014. This is from the premier of Conan the Barbarian soundtrack and we call this bit 'Melancholie theme'.

We were shooting some uberawesome footage with our posse. This video is an exisitng proof of this. The soundtrack is the title track of our upcoming full-length album. We had to speed it up a bit (10x) to fit the length of our video though. Maybe someday we will have a longer video to go with this song that would allow us to play it with normal speed or even slower. That would surely bring some balance to the chaos we have caused.

A true Jarse fan uploaded this awesome footage from our show in Ilmiö-festival, Turku. Psychedelic and awesome as hell! If you have some Jarse footage, share them with Jarse family!

This was shot in Jarse show in Köpenhagen, at 7. June 2011.

This was shot in Jarse show in Grundskolan, Göteborg at 5. June 2011.